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After completing a double degree in Law and Finance, Fiona spent eight years working in professional services at EY and Deloitte.  As a former international tax manager helping multinational companies defend their tax positions, she spent many days working late.  After a long day the convenient thing to do was to grab a takeaway meal on the way home, and then she would continue her masters studies or knock off another hour or so of work.  This had become her habit when Fiona moved into a small apartment in Milsons Point (where many restaurants and cafes are about).  She found a regular diet of takeaway quick meals and restaurant dining was taking its toll on her health.  Even though she was exercising and taking vitamin supplements, her energy levels were low and the immune system was not in good shape.

Looking back Fiona notices this lifestyle is fairly common amongst professionals and modern day Australian families, who live by an increasingly hectic schedule.  Fiona also sees health problems that people in her parents' generation are experiencing, and realises many costly health complaints could have been avoided through more mindful dietary habits in the prime years.  This is the mission of Greenwich Plate - to promote a healthier alternative for the local community.

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Moving into Greenwich, Fiona gained a much bigger pantry and more equipped kitchen at her disposal, and this motivated her to explore new recipes and health supportive cooking techniques.  It was around this time that Fiona went back to full time study at William Blue College (a path she dreamed of pursuing since a child).  Fiona was trained in the commercial kitchens at ParkRoyal Hotel, Town Hall, and Gastronomy.  She then worked in a national food company, The Essential Ingredient, where she was exposed to the premium food industry, and many hard-to-find ingredients.

Steamed miso-marinated salmon, freshly rolled organic buckwheat (soba) noodles, wok-tossed greens

Steamed miso-marinated salmon, freshly rolled organic buckwheat (soba) noodles, wok-tossed greens

Fiona and Dan have travelled to some of the most exotic corners of the world but as 'foodies' their favourite travel destinations are France, Spain, Vietnam and Hawaii - countries that can each boast of their own unique produce and specialties.  The Greenwich Plate menu has influences from world cuisines that are embraced by the modern Australian family.  The menu is prepared to order, with wholesomeness and freshness in mind, to be enjoyed in the comfort of your home. 

See you around the 'hood!  

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